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    • Fresh & antibacterial
    • A soft touch
    • Long-lasting

    Fresh & Antibacterial

    Bacteria flourish due to body moisture and heat, producing unpleasant odors. "Rigal" mattress fabrics powered by "Argentum+ "contain silver ions with antibacterial properties. The silver component prevents the multiplication of bacteria and reduces allergies. As a well-known natural agent, silver does not affect the natural balance of the skin. Adding natural hygiene and freshness to your sleeping comfort.

    Cool & Dry

    The human body perspires and emits heat while sleeping. The latest 'Cool Down Technology' is integrated in the 'Rigal" mattress fabrics powered by Argentum+ . Argentum+ optimizes moisture management thanks to its unique hydrophilic properties: moisture is swiftly absorbed and cleared. An ideal cool and dry environment for comfortable nights.


    Long Lasting

    The "Rigal" fabrics powered by "Argentum+"provide long-lasting comfort. "Rigal"mattress fabrics offer superb durable hydrophilic properties. Enjoy the unique benefits of Argentum+ night after night, for years on end. Argentum+ exists in a standard and washable version, for an even longer durability. Easy maintenance for long-lasting comfort.

    Value For Money

    "Rigal" mattress fabrics powewred by "Argentum+"bring state of the art finishing properties within the reach of every consumer. State-of-the-art quality, affordable for all.