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    "Celliant" improves brain function


    "Celliant" improves sexual function


    "Celliant" increases oxygen supply


    "Celliant" promotes collagen formation


    "Celliant" promotes cell regeneration


    "Celliant" promotes weight reduction

    What Is Celliant

    American FDA approved “Celliant" is a specially formulated technology that is designed to enhance oxygen levels in the body. “Celliant” is a polymer fiber containing optically active micro‐minerals which scatter and reflect visible and near infrared light, by converting body heat to infrared energy.



    “Rigal” products powered by “Celliant” have been clinically proven to promote weight reduction, overall health & sexual function, improves brain function and skin appearance."Celliant" fibers are designed to provide a more restful sleep enhance blood circulation / oxygen supply and cell regeneration. It is a well-known fact that, continuous use of “Rigal” products with “Celliant”, improving blood circulation and oxygen supply in skin promotes collagen formation, resulting in long lasting skin rejuvenation and better skin appearance!

    How "Celliant" Works

    Infrared rays to stimulate blood circulation, boost your collagen production and enhance the natural ability of your body to heal. The light boost circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to your body organs & skin. It also instigates the release of chemical messengers called cytokines. As more cytokines are released, collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts leap into action. As a result, “Rigal” products slow aging process and promote your overall health!

    Graham M. McClue, Ph.D.
    Past studies have proven that “Celliant” promote weight reduction, overall health & sexual function, improve brain function and skin appearance. “This study provides objective evidence to support what many of us have observed on people that have used products enhanced with "Celliant". It shows a significant increase in blood flow and oxygen levels in the skin...” The study conducted by Dr. McClue successfully showed that subjects using products with "Celliant" showed a statistically significant increase (10% to 24%) in transcutaneous oxygen.
    Dr. Marcel Hungs
    Thus, "Celliant" significantly reduces time spent awake at night after falling asleep. Individuals spent less time sleeping suggesting that the sleep they received is more restful. Thanks to sleep efficiency improvement.
    Dr. Ian Gordon, M.D., Ph.D.
    With regard to other benefits of the product, Dr. Ian Gordon states, “Increased oxygen profusion has been shown to aid in the increase of energy. Energy produced at the cellular level will accelerate body recovery & healing. Moreover, besides improving recovery, "Celliant" is proven to increase muscle strength.

    "Celliant" works through any type of covering including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing, laminated or waterproof fabrics, or synthetic pillowcase.

    "Rigal" mattress and pillows protectors absorb energy from the body and available light sources.

    "Rigal"mattress and pillows protectors convert (or modify) the energy into a form usable for the body, recycling the converted energy back to skin and deep muscle tissue.

    Increased oxygen levels in the skin and muscle tissue result in better Sleep!