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    What is YoungCells technology?
    YoungCells – A revolutionary concept by Rigal, which combines a complex of leading global innovative technologies!
    Why do I need to use the YoungCells technology?
    “YoungCells” technology powered by “Celliant” have been clinically proven to promote weight reduction, overall health & sexual function, improve brain function and skin appearance. Also, our products are powered by Argentum & 3D fabric which have anti-bacterial function which provides you & your family the clean environment for sleeping! Moreover, products powered by YoungCells have orthopedic structure, which is crusial for your body. On top of it, our mattresses and covers equipped with the most advanced sleep monitoring systems to provide you with valuable knowlege about quality of your sleep !
    What to choose Rigal RED or BLUE?
    For most people the Rigal BLUE system will be enough. Yet, if you are subject to stress, or your daily activities require high levels of concentration Rigal RED will be the right choice for you.
    What are the benefits of having the entire system including mattress and pillows?
    When you sleep on Rigal mattress & pillows the body contact with Celliant surface is maximal, thus your body absurb more IR radiance and blood circulation is stimulated all over your body. Moreover, the anti-bacterial function of the system is better. Also you will enjoy the sleep-monitoring feature!
    Can I start with pillow first?
    Yes, in this case because the contact surface is only in the head & neck area, you should choose the Rigal RED pillow with higher Celliant content.
    Are there any counterindications to using YoungCells technology?
    Absolutely NO! Rigal YoungCells products can be used by anyone including children; pregnant and elderly.
    When the positive effects of YoungCells technology occure?
    There will be immediate effect after the very first night of using Rigal products powered by YoungCells. Also there will be long-lastig accumulated effect after a longer period of using our products.
    I have a good health condition do I still need Rigal, YoungCells system?
    Absolutely YES! Everybody including professional athlets; housewifes; students; professionals; businessmen and anyone who is living in urban areas needs Regal system in order to protect & improve health and wellbeing including improving brain function; skin rejuvenation; sexual function & physical shape!