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    Modern life requires of us top performance day by day. This is why our unique technology combined with the orthopedic structure will become your launch-pad for big success as well as improve & energize everyday life!

    Rigal 5 orthopedic comfort zones

    Pocket Spring technology provides optimal & precise support for different human body areas. This technology ensures the correct spine position and farther improves the blood circulation.

    THE Head

    Ensures ultimate comfort & balance in every sleeping position.


    Farther improves the blood circulation and relaxing the muscles.


    This area represents major part of the body weight and requires firmer support in order to ensure correct spine alignment.


    This parts absurb a lot of pressure during the day, thus requires the “soft touch” during the night sleep.


    This area is separated in order to ensure good lymphatic & blood circulation.

    The RIGAL system uses all the most advanced technologies in the world of sleep


    memory foam


    eco friendly

    recyclable foam

    firm support

    Pocket Spring

    Each spring is independent and optimally adjusts to the anatomy of our bodies and creates ideal orthopedic effect and comfort in our mattresses.

    Latex Foam

    Natural Latex Is Extracted from as the rubber tree. latex foam has a supportive and springy feel. It has the ability to withstand high pressures and quickly return to its original shape.

    3D Fabric

    Elastic fabric, used in "Rigal" mattresses & pillows, with “breathing” effect allows free circulation of air between the filler layers, creates optimal micro climate, good air- flow and temperature management.shape.

    Memory Foam

    "Rigal" mattresses & pillows has micro-pore structure and unique ability to “memorize” body shape and create ideal support. Once pressure released surface recovers to the original shape. This creates a unique anatomic effect.